Space Saving Wool Knitted Herb Planter


Living in a camper full time has its advantages; inside space is not one of those. I love to cook with fresh garden herbs but to find organic and fresh at the same time in a grocery can beĀ either expensive or non-existent so I have devised a system that works for my situation and will be sharing the pattern I came up with. I made it modular thinking that it is perfect for any size space, simply add or subtract modules as needed. This would also work great outside on a fence as a vertical garden. I have included a wool wick that aids in watering from the roots up. Water at the wick and the water will be absorbed as needed, or alternately if too much water is in the planter the excess will be wicked up by the wool. Free pattern for the Herb Sock knitted planter here! Hang on rods or dowels spanning across or up and down as many or as few modules as your space allows for a wonderful herb or plant garden.