Making Waves Cat Beanie

This a very squishy cat hat. The ribbed cable stitch gives a snug fit that cuddles your head with warmth in the shape of a cute kitty. =^.^=

Supplies Needed:
Worsted Weight Yarn, (#4); Red Heart Super Saver – Pool was used in sample
Size 9 (5.50mm) knitting circular needle, or set of double pointed knitting needles
a cable needle
Option, 6 inch x 3 inch scrap of pink fabric, sewing thread and needle for ears.

The beanie is worked in the round.

With a Long Tail Cast On, cast on 88 sts.

Rounds 1-6: *k2, p2*; repeat from * to * around creating 2 x 2 ribbing for brim. (88 sts)

Pattern Stitch:
Round 1: *k2, p2*; repeat from * to * around. (88 sts)
Round 2: *k2, (slip 2 sts back to left hand needle, k2) 3 times, p2*; repeat from * to * around. (88 sts)
Round 3: *Slip 2 sts to cable needle- hold to front, p2, k2 from cable needle; repeat from * to * around. (88 sts)
Round 4: *p2, k2*; repeat from * to * around.(88 sts)
Round 5: *p2, k2, (slip 2 sts back to the left hand needle, k2) 3 times*; repeat from * to * around. (88 sts)
Round 6: *Slip 2 sts to cable needle- hold to back, k2, p2 from cable needle*; repeat from * to * around. (88 sts)
Repeat Rounds 1- 6 of Pattern Stitch five more times, or until desired length, ending on round 6.

Cast off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Optionally, cut a 3 inch square of pink quilting cotton and cut that diagonally in half to make two triangles using a ¼ inch seam allowance sew with right sides together leaving a small segment open for turning. Turn right side out, use a knitting needle to make the corners pointed. Press.
Repeat for second ear. Sew these triangles onto the top corners of the beanie using a whip stitch going through only the front side of the beanie.

Turn the beanie inside out and sew the top edge closed.

Turning the beanie back right side out. With matching or coordinating yarn trace the fabric triangles through both sides of the hat with a back stitch to make the ears more pronounced. If not using the optional fabric, then simply measure 3 inches in from the corner at the top of the hat and along the sides marking with pins. Sew with back stitch from pin to pin to make the ears stand out.

Work away all ends.

© 2017 Cass Dodge

Due to individual crafting techniques, I am giving instructions in good faith. Your results may differ from mine – and to me that is brilliant! Please be kind and do not reproduce this pattern or sell pattern. You are free to sell items made using this pattern, I only ask that you include my design name and link to my blog: in your online listings. Thanks!