Homemade Birthday Invitations


Homemade Birthday Invitations; 12 for about $5 usd.

Supplies needed:

Some sort of image editing program – I used Photoshop
Cotton String cut into lengths about 16 inches.
1/8th inch hole punch



I made the layout of the invitations with all the pertinent information as shown here, redacted here for privacy. I saved as for web quality on HIGH in Photoshop, placed the files on an SD card and went to Wal-mart to have them printed as photos. Was super fast and easy. You could alternately print on a home photo printer.

I then came home and cut out all the pieces and tied the two pieces together with cotton string.

The envelopes came from a box of old Christmas cards that I had remaining from last holiday. Perfect size!

I hope you enjoy this easy idea for personalizing invitations to your desires.


© 2016 Cass Dodge

Due to individual crafting techniques, I am giving instructions in good faith. Your results may differ from mine – and to me that is brilliant! Please be kind and do not reproduce this pattern or sell pattern. You are free to sell items made using this pattern, I only ask that you include my design name and link to my blog: http://www.cassdodge.com in your online listings. Thanks!