Who’s in your closet? Mystery Crochet Challenge ~ My results.

From the onset I wanted to make this for my grandson, picking a color for a boy is surprisingly easy. I settled on a rusty red color- not knowing what in the world I would be creating in the end, I figured it was a safe option. 🙂

After making the legs in the first week’s clue, I had the brilliant idea to make the legs of whatever was going to be made into rattles! Here are the simple steps:
making a simple rattle inside amigurumi

To Make Them Legs Shake, Rattle and Roll

And the finished mystery amigurumi was supposed to be Michael “Mike” Wazowski from Monster University; however, based a couple facts in my own work I have dubbed this one Mike’s Baby Cousin.

I used an E hook instead of the I hook recommended, and I also used a red coloring instead of the trademark green. So my little creature ended up being small as intended for a 5 month old to grab and hold, (drool all over?), I quickly crocheted a nappy and a binky… Wa-laa! My finished little guy:

Want the pattern to join in the fun, the challenge is open until the end of July! Just go here for the full details 😀