Merry Christmas, my Card inserts

Christmas Card inserts, hanging pink glittery snowflakes

Merry Christmas Snowflakes

I am not going to apologize for leaving this blog in an unaltered state over the last few months; I have had a lot going on. This just means I have a lot to be thankful for, most of all my friends and family. I was diagnosed with a few things that took a while to get to the bottom of because of the cross contamination of evidence that they cause each other; not to mention a few things that had to be ruled out. All in all, I still have veins, I still have blood in those veins, and I did not get radiation poisoning from all the x-rays I underwent. I am not going to school anyone on the ins and outs of what I have, but I will state the names: Sjögren’s syndrome, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis. So basically, I have been busy with learning new ways to deal with my diet, exercise and sleep patterns.

All this, and a bag of yarn… I decided to do a little something for some of the people in my life; I am sorry that I did not have time to do this for everyone.

I made Pink Snowflakes this year, with a little sparkle!

The sparkle and stiffness, was simply done by:


Glitter Glue
School Glue
A dosing medicine cup (free on bottles of liquid medicines.. basically a shot glass size!)
A plastic knife
Fishing Line
Finished Cotton Snowflake
Saran wrapped pizza box (or anything you can pin the glue soaked flakes to)
Pins (should be rust resistant)
plastic container with lid


Step 1. 1 dose of school glue, 1 dose of glitter glue, 2 doses of water – mix thoroughly in a plastic dish with plastic knife.

supplies to make glitter stiffener

Glittery Stiffener Supplies

Step 2. With fingers, put one snowflake at a time in mixture; get it completely soaked. Carefully squeeze out the excess glue, I wasn’t extremely gentle, then press into shape with hands onto saran wrapped pizza box.

Finger Formed Snowflakes

Soaked in Glitter Glue and Finger Flattened

Step 3. Take a little extra time and pin into a better shape. Carefully pull open the picots and sharp angles. Let dry for a day or more, will be stiff enough to hold shape as they hang from a tree or in a window.

Pinned Glittery Snowflakes

All pinned to air dry with glittery glue stiffener

Step 4: After they are dry, determine the way you wish them to hang and simple string some fishing line through the top of your snowflake. Tie a double knot in the fishing line to make a hanging loop!

Here is the list of blogs I used and I am really happy that there are so many talented snowflake designers out there! A special thanks to every one of them. I am not going to make them pretty links; but I did make at least one of each of these — maybe I will get some photos back of them hanging across the country!—crochet-pdf-pattern