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Merry Christmas, my Card inserts

Christmas Card inserts, hanging pink glittery snowflakes

Merry Christmas Snowflakes

I am not going to apologize for leaving this blog in an unaltered state over the last few months; I have had a lot going on. This just means I have a lot to be thankful for, most of all my friends and family. I was diagnosed with a few things that took a while to get to the bottom of because of the cross contamination of evidence that they cause each other; not to mention a few things that had to be ruled out. All in all, I still have veins, I still have blood in those veins, and I did not get radiation poisoning from all the x-rays I underwent. I am not going to school anyone on the ins and outs of what I have, but I will state the names: (more…)

Free Diaper Cover Pattern to fit Newborn and Size 1 diapers

Mickey Mouse Photo Prop

Adjustable size newborn and 1 diaper cover

Cuteness overload. I have made a baby shower gift for a very special lady in my life, a fourth child of mine, Ariana. Special thanks to Repeat Crafter Me for offering free Mickey Hat pattern and I made her too adorable Newborn Baby Booties Pattern in bright yellow to match the theme. Needing a nappy cover to complete the design,  I have designed and made a pattern to go with the outfit. Find the free pattern here for the Diaper Cover in a size that is adjustable for either Newborn or Size 1 diaper fitting.

Who’s in your closet? Mystery Crochet Challenge ~ My results.

From the onset I wanted to make this for my grandson, picking a color for a boy is surprisingly easy. I settled on a rusty red color- not knowing what in the world I would be creating in the end, I figured it was a safe option. 🙂

After making the legs in the first week’s clue, I had the brilliant idea to make the legs of whatever was going to be made into rattles! Here are the simple steps:
making a simple rattle inside amigurumi

To Make Them Legs Shake, Rattle and Roll Wait! Click here for more.

The Summer Stitch-Cation with Mikey at The Crochet Crowd

This a great project to do one step at a time, with great videos that accompany the pattern booklet ~ Find this all here: Stitch-Cation. I found that some squares were more delightful to work up than others, all are easy when you understand the pattern repeat; making them great for beginners that can follow the excellent videos. The trick to this is to trust in the pattern and realize that it will all pull together in the end. I used up a lot of stash making this one too, which means I have room for fresh yarn (?) 🙂

The colors remind of me of the ocean... Cool and Breezy

The colors remind of me of the ocean… Cool and Breezy

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