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Cotton and Flannel Seatbelt Cozy

It is time for a Summer road trip with the grandchildren, 1200 miles – Bless My Heart! I have noticed an issue with the seat belt cutting into my neck, even with proper adjustments. This brought to mind a cozy I had seen somewhere made of sheepskin, kind of icky in the heat I think. So I decided to make of cotton. Completely washable, reusable and snuggly soft on the necks of sleeping children – they will sleep, right? (more…)

Be Mine! A Valentine review.

I had a great time making these lovely headbands for my all my Grand-Valentines. Moogly blog has this great free headband pattern called Love is Cold Ear Warmer

Happy Valentine’s Day

I found that using the I hook as directed gave me a smaller gauge, (more…)

Double Crochet Messy Bun Beanie

Hat has a hole in the top to allow a bun a messy bun or a pony tail to show through the hat. Put the hat on and simply pull your hair through the hole to display your personal style.

Fits a Teen to Adult size (more…)

Crocheted Lamb for Angel Wings Memory Gowns


Angel Wings Memory Gowns is a non-profit group based in Gatlinburg Tennessee that blesses parents with complimentary burial gowns for babies and toddlers; as well as, ministering and providing grief support to families after the loss of their child. There are various ways to help with this charity if you are interested in helping please check out the link.

I am blessed with the gift of craft– sewing, knitting and crochet mainly. When I was approached to provide “beanie sized” lambs, I decided to work out a pattern that was small, easy to assemble and as adorable as possible. I am offering the pattern free to use for donating to Angle Wings Memory Gowns organization, but freely as well to any other charity that you might feel strongly about. If you make this item for sale or personal use, please also make some for donation. (more…)

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