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Crocheted Lamb for Angel Wings Memory Gowns


Angel Wings Memory Gowns is a non-profit group based in Gatlinburg Tennessee that blesses parents with complimentary burial gowns for babies and toddlers; as well as, ministering and providing grief support to families after the loss of their child. There are various ways to help with this charity if you are interested in helping please check out the link.

I am blessed with the gift of craft– sewing, knitting and crochet mainly. When I was approached to provide “beanie sized” lambs, I decided to work out a pattern that was small, easy to assemble and as adorable as possible. I am offering the pattern free to use for donating to Angle Wings Memory Gowns organization, but freely as well to any other charity that you might feel strongly about. If you make this item for sale or personal use, please also make some for donation. (more…)

Merry Christmas, my Card inserts

Christmas Card inserts, hanging pink glittery snowflakes

Merry Christmas Snowflakes

I am not going to apologize for leaving this blog in an unaltered state over the last few months; I have had a lot going on. This just means I have a lot to be thankful for, most of all my friends and family. I was diagnosed with a few things that took a while to get to the bottom of because of the cross contamination of evidence that they cause each other; not to mention a few things that had to be ruled out. All in all, I still have veins, I still have blood in those veins, and I did not get radiation poisoning from all the x-rays I underwent. I am not going to school anyone on the ins and outs of what I have, but I will state the names: (more…)