Cotton and Flannel Seatbelt Cozy

It is time for a Summer road trip with the grandchildren, 1200 miles – Bless My Heart! I have noticed an issue with the seat belt cutting into my neck, even with proper adjustments. This brought to mind a cozy I had seen somewhere made of sheepskin, kind of icky in the heat I think. So I decided to make of cotton. Completely washable, reusable and snuggly soft on the necks of sleeping children – they will sleep, right? (more…)

Making Waves Cat Beanie

This a very squishy cat hat. The ribbed cable stitch gives a snug fit that cuddles your head with warmth in the shape of a cute kitty. =^.^= (more…)

Be Mine! A Valentine review.

I had a great time making these lovely headbands for my all my Grand-Valentines. Moogly blog has this great free headband pattern called Love is Cold Ear Warmer

Happy Valentine’s Day

I found that using the I hook as directed gave me a smaller gauge, (more…)

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